Pregnancy and Parenting SUPPORT Services


Catholic Charities offers support and assistance to women who are possibly pregnant, expectant parents, and to mothers and fathers parenting infants under two. We provide services at all of our county offices and sites, and also offer our Roselia Program for homeless, single, pregnant and parenting mothers 18 or older and their infants.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to talk now? We are here 24-hours a day.
Please call or text one of our counselors at 412-841-7724.
Your call is confidential.

The following services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL:


Women concerned about unplanned pregnancies can receive free, confidential help and emotional support. Counselors provide pregnancy testing and can discuss options that are in the best interest of both the mother and child, including information on parenting and adoption choices.

Read more about the adoption assistance that we provide.

Pregnancy Testing

General Parenting Education

Information on childbirth, child growth and development, and parenting techniques.

Co-Parenting and Trans-Parenting Education

Parents play a critical role in their children’s ability to adjust during the transitions of divorce or parental separation. Learn how to help your children adjust to the changes: talk about feelings associated with divorce, ways that children of different ages react during transition, beneficial approaches to parenting, and other adjustments. Offered through Beaver, Greene and Washington County offices only.

Life-Skills Education

Through informal classes, learn how to make good decisions and how best to get along on a daily basis and decrease stress. Topics include: time management, budgeting, cleaning and cooking to promote health and well-being, and daily routines to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Baby Care Items

Diapers, formula, and clothing.

Allegheny County Office 412-456-6999
Beaver County Office 724-775-0758
Butler County Office 724-287-4011
Greene County Office 724-627-6410
Lawrence County Office 724-658-5526
Washington County Office 724-228-7722


Roselia Program and Support Services

For more than a century, Catholic Charities has steadfastly maintained its commitment to protecting human life through its outreach to low-income, homeless women, and those at risk of homelessness, facing unplanned pregnancies alone.

Catholic Charities has leased several apartments in a secure building in downtown Pittsburgh to provide a safe and comfortable home for these women and their infants. A caseworker meets with residents regularly to provide guidance and track progress on individualized service plans - which include life-skills training, job-readiness skills, and pregnancy and parenting education and counseling.

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